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Plaster Therapy can help you lose weight and body volume quickly. In a few sessions, the muscles are toned and bodily problems such as cellulite, stretch marks or flaccidity are attenuated.

This plaster comes pre-mixed with all these powerful high-quality components that are proven to reduce inches, stretch marks and sagging. Gypsum traps body heat and increases the reductive and regenerative action of the components for more than eight hours. 

With this plaster results vary in each client. Guaranteeing a reduction in 6 to 12 centimeters in the abdomen area after 5 to 6 sessions. These lost centimeters do not recover because it is not a loss of water, it has real lipolytic reductive action.

Abdomen starting at $35 and up

per session

Arms starting at $30 and up

per session

Legs starting at $30 and up

per session